What an interesting past couple of months I've had. Full of aspirations and lulls. I just got back from a quick trip to North Carolina, during which I traveled nearly the entire width of the state, and in having to tell many new acquaintances what I did for a living, I realized that I really want to make The Object Studio what I do.

I will make
The Object Studio
my career.

Before I left for this trip, I painted my studio walls a beautiful gray/brown/purple color. The paint I chose was Amazon Stone by Behr, and it turned out beautifully! When we moved into our place, I was ecstatic to have my own studio space, but my room was dingy and very dark. The light bulbs were very yellow and the only natural lighting coming in is through a small window that is covered by a porch, so needless to say not much sunlight ever makes it into the studio. Here is the new wall color:

Editing this color was quite a challenge, because although my computer screen is right up against a wall, the shadows in my room create so many variations! Next up is to paint the ceiling white to match the trim (it is still the dingy beige/green color of the old walls) and replace the light bulbs with bright daylight ones. I'll shoot and share some completed studio shots once everything is finally put together.


One thing that I want to start on this blog are weekly color palettes. This coming week's colors are found above. Every Sunday I'll pick a palette based on an inspiration image (this week is my wall color!) and on the following Saturday I will post a quick illustration using the week's colors.