Whew! It feels great to be making after a week of vacation and a long stint of organizing and re-designing my workspace. This is what I'll be working on today:


I have my Chinese news/talk radio going on in the background, so who knows, maybe I will pick up a few phrases here and there. I like to see if I can figure out what each story is about. The best I have done so far is a piece on how Obama didn't meet with the Dali lama while he was in the US, and [people?] didn't understand why, but he already had meetings scheduled during the visit [that last part was in English, so I got a major hint there].

And this is Zara, studio helper #1, chain enthusiast extraordinaire!


I'll be photographing all the new pieces and adding them to the website by tomorrow evening. Seriously, you ask? YES! I have a show application deadline, and another one right around the corner. There will be lots to look at soon, so stay tuned!