ALRIGHT! So, thoughts on business... Although I believe I'll be great at running a business, it is intimidating. I mean, it is a huge endeavor when you look at your idea and call it starting a business. It is a relatively large chance to take with my relatively small amount of cash money.

And here's the thing: I'm hoping it doesn't have to feel like a this huge project engulfing my life. I'm hoping that the steps towards turning The Object Studio into a thriving business will feel natural. I know I have a lot to learn about taxes and accounting and keeping records and the like, but I'm excited to learn it. I'm excited to have something that is mine, and it requires my hard work, enthusiasm, and what I need to most work on - focus - to make it grow.

A little later today I am going to sit down with a the business person at my bank and hopefully start to figure out the first of the questions! I was feeling a bit intimidated when I first gave out my number for the business banker to call me, but in talking with him on the phone, he seems like a really down to earth guy who seemed interested in talking to me. Which is great, because this new world of finances daunting.

One thing that I personally need to do is to clean my studio. Organize it. Rearrange it to be the most productive space I can make it. Building the shelf helped some, but I need to find a home for everything, and in the process clear out some of the random supply stashing that has occurred (can you say way too many stacks of paper and paper scraps!).

Oh, are you liking these dark images? I have been especially drawn towards the dark tones in images like these on my inspiration page, and can't get enough of them!

I'll let you guys know how the bank visit goes. I'm considering documenting this whole starting a business deal in video form. A series of videos that are dedicated to the process and steps of running a business. I've never made or edited a video before, but would love to learn, and really, what better excuse than a way to document and share the ins and outs of creating a business from scratch!


I challenge you to take 30 minutes and daydream about your dream job. Sit down with a warm drink and perhaps a notepad and let your mind wander. Until next time!